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About Us


3 Sons Foods, LLC was created out of the desire to help put a stop to the illegal poaching of Rhinos. 

Luke Johannson, the middle son of 3 Son Foods had spent 5 years fundraising for the International Rhino Foundation. Luke would ask his friends for donations to be brought to his Birthday parties instead of gifts. In his 5th year of fundraising Luke wanted a way to raise even more money, so he started selling his Mom’s amazing creamy cilantro green sauce, Diablo Verde to teachers, friends & neighbors. 

It was a huge hit! As popularity grew, the business took off and the rest of the family was brought on board to help bring this dream to life.   

Diablo Verde has won salsa contests and most recently was awarded the Grand Prize in HEB's Quest for Texas Best competition.

Who We Are



17 year old Ayden is the serious, quiet one in the group and is the model of a great work ethic. He plays guitar, is on the High School Varsity ice hockey team, runs track & cross country and this year he’ll be a senior in High School. He heads up shipping, wolf conservation and is the voice of reason in 3SonsFoods.



Luke, the comedian of the group is 15 years old, and will be a sophomore this coming Fall. Luke makes sure we all have fun during all the hard work it takes to build a business brick by brick, just be careful, one of those bricks might be thrown through the gameroom window by Luke…….a Bull in a china shop kind of guy. He competes in track and field, is an avid reader, gamer and is part of the Theater group at school. Luke’s passion for Rhino conservation is why 3SonsFoods was developed and he is in charge of inventory and rhino conservation.


12 year old George is a budding artist, creative and intelligent, he is referred to as Mom’s assistant, and defiantly shares her passion for entrepreneurship. Product development, marketing, business development, social media, whatever needs to be done, George will rise to the occasion. George is headed to the 8th grade this school year, he plays football, is a very active member of Theatre, he loves to sing and play guitar in a local rock group. He also has a passion for marine life conservation.


Core Values

·  Honesty – Be a person of your word

·  Have an excellent work ethic – make sure the job is done correctly

·  Have excellent customer service – Our DiabloFans are why we are here, show them how much we appreciate their support

·  Make the world a better place for Rhinos, Wolves and all endangered species.

·  Have a desire to excel, learn and improve


Photo by Fulton Davenport Photo by Fulton Davenport