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Rhino Conservation Efforts

At the beginning of the 20th century 500,000 rhinos roamed the wild. By the 1970s the worldwide population fell to 70,000.  Today only 29,000 rhinos survive in the wild. 4 out of the 5 species remaining are threatened. 3 are critically endangered. 

In 2018 we saw the death of the world's last male northern white rhino, putting his species on the brink of extinction.  Although habitat loss is an important consideration, the main threat to rhinos is poaching.  In 2016 poachers killed 1,200 rhinos in South Africa, 80 in Zimbabwe and 50 in Namibia, although these numbers are believed to be much higher due to reporting discrepancies. 

Rhinos are poached for their horn which is made of keratin, the same as your hair and fingernails.  Consumers in Vietnam use rhino horn as purported cures for everything from hangovers to cancer and as a status symbol. Consumers in China use rhino horn in traditional Asian medicine to reduce fever and treat other ailments however, there is no scientific evidence that rhino horn has any medicinal value.  

In response to the global crisis in rhino conservation, the International Rhino Foundation (IRF) protects particularly threatened rhino populations in the wild, while also supporting applied research that can help to improve the chances for long-term survival of all rhino species. IRF has made great strides in preventing further declines of this magnificent species and helping to increase rhino population in the areas in which they work. IRF puts its limited resources towards field programs in Asia and Africa targeting the rhino species most in need of and most appropriate for intensive protection and management. 

This, however is a story of hope for rhinos, where conservationists, individuals & businesses can roll up their sleeves and do something positive for a species that cannot speak for themselves and cannot protect themselves from greed, corruption and abject lunacy.  If we counter every atrocity against nature with an equal and opposite proactive move to protect these gentle giants, we will slowly win the battle to save the Rhinos. 

We, at 3 Sons Foods are proud to be on Team Rhino and help the IRF reach their goal of preserving the rhino population for future generations.  

Please visit the International Rhino Foundation Website to learn more and if you would like to make a donation to the IRF and help 3 Sons reach their goal please visit our donation page

3SonsFoods is now also supporting Endangered Rhino Conservation (ERC) in their mission of assisting anti-poaching teams, veterinarians, conservationists and air support teams that struggle daily to help ensure rhino survival.

Together we can make a difference for these majestic creatures!