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  "My all-time favorite green sauce!!! I love that it is preservative free and full of REAL FOOD ingredients. Plus, it is absolutely delicious. Thank you, 3 Sons Food for making my FAVORITE condiment!!!"

 "You have to try this stuff over chicken enchiladas or tacos - Amazing!!"

 "Diablo Verde is delicious! It compliments a variety of foods, and my family is always trying it on new things. I love that it is made of quality ingredients and it's preservative free. "

 " This sauce is delicious. You can pretty much use it on any food to make it tastier!!! "

 " This sauce is addictive! I can eat one jar in a sitting if someone doesn't stop me! "

 " Fresh and tasty! My family goes through withdrawals when I run out! We all just love Diablo Verde. " " Diablo Verde is yummy! My kids love it. It's got kick but not too spicy for them. "

 " I am totally addicted to this Salsa. I served it to my brother, picky Salsa guy, and WE LOVED IT. The Flavor was perfect. GOOD JOB "

 " This sauce is addictive! My family must have it as a staple in our pantry, and it's nice to know there are proceeds going back to a good cause. "

 " My Husband and I just so happened to be driving through Fulshear TX on our way to Surfside beach for a vacation. We stopped at a farmers market and bought several items one in particular was the Diablo Verde creamy cilantro salsa. Now to help you understand I'm not a huge fan of fresh cilantro taste but my husband is but I did a taste test at the market and was ok get a jar. Well we returned home in Oklahoma and my husband decided the other night to open the Creamy Cilantro and chips. Well I ate some too and then the mission began. We went on an internet search how can I get more of this stuff. YES I AM A BIG FAN. So now we are asking for some to be shipped to us."

 " This is the BEST sauce!!! I cannot get enough of it and cannot wait for it to expand to HEB. Our family uses it on tacos, salads, bean/rice dishes and eggs. Very versatile, creamy and delicious!!! Cannot recommend enough and I like that my purchase goes towards helping rhinos "

 " Nothing else like this on the market! Great for Tex-Mex recipes. "   

" I've eaten your chicken enchiladas with Diablo Verde sauce for the past 4 days...they're better than any restaurant version I've ever had. You should sell them along with your sauce...both are fantastic!"  

" Omg. So Harvey got me off track, but I had Diablo Verde daily home stuck in my house and it is SOOO good! I love the rhino backstory too!! "

" The sauce is so addicting! This with fritos has been my comfort food during Tropical Storm Harvey! "

" Ok, so this stuff is AMAZING on all things!! Love it!! "

Comments from a retail partner

"Wow! This stuff is dangerously delicious! Diablo Verde we got some great feedback from our customers today. A creamy cilantro sauce made with fresh ingredients that is so versatile from a dipping sauce to the perfect embellishment on your fish tacos." 

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