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3 squares of Paper – Laugh or Crumble?

Just recently, I attended a dinner at B&B Butcher’s, a super-popular, steak restaurant on Washington Avenue. I was  with a good friend of mine, a local celebrity, and his investor. We had a great time, amazing food, lots of laughter,  interesting conversation, and even more amazing food!  

At the end of this fun evening, I headed to the ladies’ room before calling my Uber. During my strut back to the table  (yes, I strut; after years of dance lessons and being raised by a Marine, “Chin up, chest out, shoulders back, stomach  in,” I am able to strut with some “attitude”), I reflected on this perfect moment in time. It was a fun evening, and I  felt very confident and happy. I was feeling really good about my life choices at that moment.  

As I walked through the room, I smiled at every table I passed. Then, I started to feel as if the room was staring at  me, and I heard the voice of my guardian angel whisper in my ear, “Look down.”  

I quickly glanced down at my strappy high heels, “Oh my gosh! There is a piece of toilet paper stuck to my shoe. How  embarrassing!” Laughing hysterically, I looked straight at my friend, and I pointed to my shoe. She laughed  hysterically, and I responded to the situation with a stylish step-ball-change to remove the offensive paper from my  stride. I joined my friends at the table with a huge smile on my face and enjoyed the last few moments of a  memorable evening.  

On my way home in the Uber, I thought to myself, “What a great lesson from the Universe.” When you come across  bumps in the road, mountains to climb, or unexpected knock-down-drag-outs with 3-squares of toilet paper, you  have the choice to laugh and shrug it off with a step-ball-change, or to crumble and allow 3-squares of toilet paper to take you down.
Not today Charmin! Or ever for that matter.



























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