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Each sauce saves wildlife

Part of the Proceeds of Every Purchase Benefits Rhino and Wolf Conservation Efforts

Rhino conservation

At 3 Sons Foods we are proud to be on Team Rhino by helping the International Rhino Foundation and Endangered Rhino Conservation reach their goals of preserving the rhino population for future generations.

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Wolf Conservation

We are also proud to be part of Team Wolf by helping the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary reach their goals of saving the wolf population which are important animals in our ecosystem.


Thank you for helping us donate

We've donated $21,404 to wild life conservation so far! Our donations over the years have helped save endangered wild animals from extinction. Support our efforts and help grow our donations each year!

Award Winning Sauces

Our sauce recently won H-E-B Quest for Texas Best 2019 Grand Champion Winner! Since 2017, our sauces have won over 14 awards and are trending popularity across the country through TV appearances, magazine publications, and more!

Video Gallery

Watch videos featuring Diablo Verde sauces including our official H-E-B commercial, our top recipes showcased, a behind the scenes production of our sauces, and more!

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