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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the shelf life of your Diablo sauces?

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The shelf life is 2 years. Tested and certified by the Texas Agrilife Extension Service at Texas A&M. Dr. Al B. Wagner, Jr. Ph.D, Professor, Food Technologist

How long with the sauce last after opened?

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Diablo Verde is estimated to last 1 month in your refrigerator.

Where can I buy Diablo sauces?

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Diablo sauces are available:  

Online here! Or visit one of our growing number of retail partners which are listed here.

How many calories are in Diablo sauces?

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Diablo Verde Mild: 45 calories

Diablo Verde Medium: 40 calories

Diablo Verde Hot: 40 calories

Diablo Vegan Medium: 80 calories

What is the International Rhino Foundation?

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"For 25 years, the International Rhino Foundation has championed the survival of the world’s rhinos through conservation and research. We do what it takes to ensure that rhinos survive for future generations.  Based in the U.S., we operate on-the-ground programs in all areas of the world where rhinos live in the wild. In five countries across two continents, we support viable populations of the five remaining rhino species and the communities that coexist with them."  

What is the Endangered Rhino Conservation?

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"Across Africa, rhinos are fighting for survival. Endangered Rhino Conservation (ERC) was established to support private rhino owners and NGOs on the front line.  ERC is committed to making a genuine contribution to combat the war on rhinos and increase the population.  We are laser focused on ensuring the protection and survival of rhinos under the threat of extinction."  

What is the St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary?

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Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit facility that provides rescued wolves and wolfdogs with a loving home and a second chance at life.  Saint Francis rescues wolves and wolfdogs in need from around the country — from shelters, animal control agencies, and private owners. All of the residents are rescues, and most are animals that someone tried unsuccessfully to keep as a pet. Many have come from situations of horrible neglect or abuse, but have grown to heal – physically, mentally, and emotionally – due to the patience and love that we are able to provide. 

What other wild life conservation efforts do you support?

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Aside from International Rhino Foundation, 3 sons food s also support Endangered Rhino Conservation & Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary

What do the boys do in the business?

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Ayden is Head of Fulfillment and head of wolf conservation efforts.

Luke is Head of Inventory and Rhino conservation efforts.

George is Head of PR and Marketing.

What is your privacy policy?

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3SonsFoods respects you and your private information. When you sign up for our email list or order our products you voluntarily give us certain information. This can include your name, email address, shipping information, phone number, payment information and contact information.

We promise we will NEVER sell your information or disclose any of it to anyone!

Thank you for your business and for your support of animal conservation!

What is your shipping and return policy?

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FREE SHIPPING for ALL orders $34.00 and UP!

3SonsFoods believes kindness and courtesy are the foundation of providing great customer service. If there is anything wrong with your order we want to make it right.

If the jar was damaged during shipping, take a photo and email it to us at and we will send you a replacement ASAP!

Thank you for your business and thank you for your support of animal conservation! Eat Diablo Save the Wild!

What is your food sales tax policy?

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When you shop with 3SonsFoods you may see a 8.25 percent sales tax added to your purchase for non-food items (hand sanitizer and t-shirts). 

Lucky for us there is no tax imposed on groceries, meaning you will only be taxed on non-food items and not the award winning devishly addictive Diablo Verde that you desire to purchase!

Please reach out to us at with any questions you may have. Thank you for your business and your support of animal conservation!

What are our next steps? 

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"Eat Diablo, Save the Wild"  We plan to bring to market more all natural healthy foods to help make the world a better place through entrepreneurship!

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