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HEB Commercial -Lights, Camera, Action!

So, if winning Grand Champion for HEB Quest for Texas best wasn’t enough, six months later HEB made a commercial about us and our story!!!!  It was like a dream, and yes, it was just as cool as it sounds! We got to work with the Richards Group and Sugar Film Production who work with some of the best companies in the industry; just check out their Instagram feed! The boys and I stayed in a fancy hotel and had 2 rooms all to ourselves.  We had a fitting with a stylist that was the nicest person ever, had hair and make-up done by some cool chick with lots of tattoos, and the best part was there was some sweet guy whose job it was just to give me water with a paper straw so I wouldn’t mess up my make-up. Hello? How cool is that!  

Many people think they filmed the commercial in our home, but no way do I live in such a gorgeous, well-lit kitchen. It sure was nice to pretend that my life is that perfect though. The day could not have gone better, we worked with an amazing camera crew, the production was well organized, and the experience of it all was amazing. We are so grateful for what HEB has done for us! Now, if that crew could just come to my house and keep the noise produced by my 3 boys down with an “quiet on set,” maybe I would be as put together as that Mom I played in our commercial! Thank you HEB!!!

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