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Bringing a New Sauce to Market

Update on Diablo Vegan

When the boys and I first went into business, we made a deal. George and Ayden would help Luke and me launch Diablo Verde, our debut sauce and after we successfully launched Diablo Verde, which only started as a fundraiser for rhino conservation,  we would bring to market other food items that would help the causes George and Ayden were passionate about. So…….that leads us to wolves, Ayden’s favorite animal, (George is passionate about marine life, but we will get to that later) and how we are now bringing to market our newest product to help wolf conservation. Of course, everyone thought we should bring to market, a red sauce, but why? Why do what was expected……we wanted to find out if we can take Buttermilk out of Diablo Verde and bring to market an amazing verde salsa, and give our Diablo community a vegan option. So, the concept of Diablo Vegan was launched! 

However, taking buttermilk out of our amazing Diablo Verde and still achieving the same amazing flavor has not been easy, to say the least……We have gone through 40 plus versions of Diablo Vegan……..and finally we have a great tasting vegan sauce that can sit on the shelf next to Diablo Verde with confidence. So, we were almost ready to bring Diablo Vegan to market, and to help us achieve our goal, we launched our 1st Kickstarter campaign! Just before COVID 19 hit the US with full force…….and that brings you to last week’s letter we sent out to our Diablo community…..

Diablo Fans,

We hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and safe. We are writing today to give our Diablo Fans an update on our Kickstarter campaign. When we started the campaign on March 6th, there were 211 COVID-19 cases in the United States sadly, we are now up to almost 750,000 cases, unemployment has skyrocketed and the economy is ailing. At 3SonsFoods, our hearts are with all the people of the world affected by COVID-19 - that is really all of us! We are hopeful that the economy will begin to re-open and things will start to get to normal over the next few months. With that being said, it is clear that our Kickstarter campaign may have suffered from bad timing. 

We have decided to cancel the Diablo Vegan campaign at this time, but not to worry, we will still bring this amazing Diablo Vegan sauce to market! Though it may be on a smaller scale than a big Kickstarter campaign. We started selling Diablo Verde to our friends, the teachers at school and in our neighborhood, so we can launch Diablo Vegan the same way -- Door to Door, bike delivery, Farmer’s Market, Salsa Competitions, a true grassroot effort…. Just like every small business in America, we will build it brick by brick! 

3SonsFoods is so very grateful for the support we have received from our Diablo Fans. We are so thankful to our customers who have added Diablo Verde to their “Flatten the Curve” shopping carts and are riding out shelter in place orders by trying the recipe idea videos the boys have been making while home from school – check them out for some entertainment and quick and easy Diablo Verde recipe ideas on our 3SonsFoodsYouTube channel

Stay tuned for updates on the release of Diablo Vegan and any new specials on Diablo Verde on our website (, @salsadiabloverde on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel above, but most of all Stay Healthy Diablo Fans, we send you blessings from our family to yours! 

Thank you, George, Luke, Ayden and Traci

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