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Single Mom Entrepreneur - Only a bit insane

Who I am? Who are we? And Why am I blogging?

Hi, My name is Traci, and I am a 47 yr. old single Mom of 3 teenage/preteen boys. I am a 6th generation Texan produced from a long line of entrepreneurs. My Father ran his own Real Estate company and my Grandparents ran the local bar in town, until the a group of people burned it down to the ground because my grandparents choose to serve more than just the Caucasians in town…..……but that is a story for another time. I am a passionate outgoing person with a very positive, can do attitude! Cogito ergo sum – “I think I am and therefore I am” I care deeply about the environment that drives a Suburban, I know, contradictory, but I have kids that play sports and music and it’s a great car to haul a ton of Diablo Verde around Texas! Speaking of which, let me tell you how my love of food, lead me into business with my boys…..

3SonsFoods is our family business made up of my 3 sons, 12 yr. old George, 15 yr. old Luke, 17 yr. old Ayden and me, their Mom. We manufacture & produce a creamy cilantro sauce called Diablo Verde donating a portion of the proceeds to rhino conservation efforts to stop the illegal poaching of Rhinos. Why Rhinos? Well…..not to go into too much detail, but my son, Luke, loves rhinos so much we starting selling my homemade creamy cilantro sauce to raise money to save rhinos from extinction. Basically, we want to make the world a better place through entrepreneurship. Sounds like a normal American family business…..right?

Why this blog? Well, apparently people are interested in how I do what I do... How I raise 3 boys and run a business. I have been told it’s somewhat unique and judging from the “How are you doing this……” question I often get from people, I have come to recognize that I might not be like the other Moms….. First of all, none of my neighbors are in the food industry or required by law to wear a hair net for their business. I have also noticed that I do not know many single Mom entrepreneurs. Most divorced women I know, don’t really think it’s a good idea to work w/out a 401K and health insurance or any safety net.

However, it didn't fit on me. I tried working for others w/ health insurance, and all the other perks, but it's not who I am. Now, I would of course do whatever it would take to survive and provide for my family, but isn’t life about living and not just getting through it? And at 47 years old, I have come to realize I am much more successful doing what I am good at than doing what may be expected from me.

So, I start this blog to let you into our lives. How a single Mom and 3 boys started their own business and how they plan to get the lawn mowed, the plumbing fixed, dinner on the table, lunches made, get to the football games and music lessons on time, attend the theater productions, the track meets, the jazz band recitals, say our prayers before dinner and bed, feed and walk the dog, build a business and how we plan to change the world through entrepreneurship, one jar of Diablo Verde at a time!

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